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The Little Prince

The Little Prince

The Little Prince    29 July 2015


TMDb: 7.6/10 1,296 votes

Based on the best-seller book 'The Little Prince', the movie tells the story of a little girl that lives with resignation in a world where efficiency and work are the only dogmas. Everything will change when accidentally she discovers her neighbor that will tell her about the story of the Little Prince that he once met.

El Paletero

El Paletero

El Paletero    15 September 2016


TMDb: 1.5/10 4 votes

After the tragic death of his mother, Carlos "El Paletero" won't have a choice but to take justice into his own hands. His destination is a far away town. His mission is to recover his mother's ashes. The means in which he will be fulfilling his goal don't matter, what matters is that nothing is left in impunity. El Paletero is a Honduran western that promises justice.

El futuro ya no es lo que era

El futuro ya no es lo que era

El futuro ya no es lo que era    29 April 2016


TMDb: 0/10 0 votes

El principio

El principio

El principio    03 December 1973


TMDb: 5/10 1 votes

Mexico is in the midst of Revolution when the protagonist returns after studying in Paris to find his native town in Chihuahua occupied by Francisco Villa’s revolutionary forces. He visits his deserted home and remembers people and events from his adolescence that provide glimpses of pre-Revolutionary society under dictatorship: his uncle, the chief of police; his sister’s involvement with a liberal political association; bathing with the girls from a local brothel; a labor strike that ended in a massacre. Returning to the present he discovers that his father has been assassinated and, in the company of his father’s former servant, joins the revolutionary movement.

Matar el tiempo

Matar el tiempo

Matar el tiempo    29 May 2015

TMDb: 7/10 2 votes